Baxter International Foundation Helps Grow the Independent Health Foundation’s Good for the Neighborhood® Program

Press Release


Buffalo, N.Y. -

A grant from the Baxter International Foundation will help support and grow the Independent Health Foundation’s Good for the Neighborhood® (GFTN) program, a free community-based wellness initiative that brings healthy living and training tools to assist individuals in at-risk and underserved neighborhoods where access to healthcare is limited due to social and economic barriers. The $30,000 grant will allow GFTN to work throughout the year to increase attendance and the number of participants receiving health screenings, linking more people in underserved communities with a primary care physician.

GFTN encourages individuals to more effectively manage and improve health by developing and maintaining an ongoing relationship with a primary care physician, encouraging healthier eating habits, emphasizing the importance of keeping a regular physical fitness routine, and encouraging smokers to quit and non-smokers not to start. Current areas of focus include the East and West Sides of Buffalo, and Niagara Falls residents. Annually, GFTN reaches 2,000 participants.

“A healthy community benefits everyone who lives in it, so the Independent Health Foundation is proud to offer Good for the Neighborhood to not only help instill healthy habits in children and families on a daily basis, but for the future and their long-term health,” said Carrie Meyer, executive director of the Independent Health Foundation. “Through the generosity of the Baxter International Foundation, we are committed to continuing to promote healthy behaviors and empower individuals to become educated health care consumers, while laying the foundation for a healthier community for years to come.”

Programs offered by GFTN include:

  • Free health screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, glucose and Body Mass Index (BMI).
  • Help in finding and establishing a relationship with a doctor.
  • The opportunity to bring medications to a pharmacist to get answers to questions about what you should do when you miss a dose, how to store your prescriptions and how to remember to take your medications.
  • Advice on how to get insurance coverage and available coverage options.
  • Access to farmers markets where individuals and families can register to get a coupon to pick free fruits and vegetables from a local farmer.
  • Fun activities and games for kids that teach them the importance of good health and nutrition, including the Re-think Your Drink Challenge, where kids measure how much sugar is in popular drinks.
  • Classes to help people stay moving and educated with workshops like Zumba and Eat Smart, where participants learn about healthy, affordable recipes and how to have fun in the kitchen with their families.
  • The opportunity to set specific goals aimed at improving their health and well-being. Participants are encouraged to take steps toward a healthier life and are rewarded for accomplishing their goals in an effort to inspire change and increase accountability.

“Baxter and the Baxter International Foundation are committed to increasing access to care for those who need it most in communities where Baxter employees live and work,” said Stacey Eisen, president of the Baxter International Foundation and vice president, global communications, at Baxter International Inc. “This program is closely tied to Baxter’s mission to save and sustain lives. We hope this grant will help the Independent Health Foundation continue to connect the underserved in the Greater Buffalo community with access to physicians and much-needed health screenings.”

About the Independent Health Foundation

Established in 1992, the Independent Health Foundation works to improve the health and well-being of Western New York residents through awareness, prevention, wellness and education programs focused on community health priorities. For more information on the Foundation’s activities, please visit or call (716) 635-4959.

About Baxter and the Baxter International Foundation

Baxter and the Baxter International Foundation are committed to saving and sustaining lives and creating healthier communities. Every day, Baxter employees strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people who depend on Baxter products, and in the communities where employees live and work. The company focuses on three core areas including improving access to healthcare; fostering tomorrow’s innovation and serving its communities. Baxter works closely with public and private partners around the world to ensure people have access to the healthcare they need, to develop the next generation of innovators who will lead the way in advancing care, and to create long-lasting impact in Baxter’s communities. The Baxter International Foundation supports initiatives and organizations that make a positive, lasting impact on increasing access to healthcare for the disadvantaged and underserved.

In New York, Baxter’s Medina facility develops and makes smart infusion pump technology, which is a critical component of delivering therapies and medications to patients worldwide.